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The Car

Well work is pushing on with with the car ad is starting to pull together nicely.


  • Removed and filled rust on the tailgate sill and sprayed.
  • Sportex performance exhaust fitted to the Rover 4-2-1 system
  • K&N Induction kit
  • Rover 5 spoke alloys
  • Meshed the Grill
  • JVC Head unit with alpine front and rear speakers and pioneer amp and subs.
  • Painted the break callipers red
  • MG ZR instrument cluster
  • MG ZR MK1 Spoiler
  • Blue under lighting
  • Blue LED lighting in the Boot with switch to control the original light
  • Set of Toyo Proxie TR1 Radial Tyres
  • Rub Strips, Fog blanks sprayed platinum silver
  • Front OMP strut brace
  • Tail lights tinted
  • Rover 200 coupe arm rest


Still to do: 

  • Lowering springs
  • Window tints
  • USB Charging point
  • DVD incar system
  • Starter motor needs refitting
  • Replacement of the Rocker cover gasket

Future Projects:

  • Turbo conversion, VVC Lump or 2.0 T16  lump.
  • Flux capacitor xD 

Windows Live and Windows 7

I have been quite happy with windows 7, going from windows vista to 7 has really sped up my system. So just going to see if windows writer works :P 

Radios set up yay

Well got round moving my radios from my old house and into my apartment, so with the limited space available so i have made do.  also my work bicycle will be delivered on tuesday wooo!


Tesco, yes Tesco. They will soon rule the world you know? You know the human race has come on in leaps and bounds when you can log onto a computer terminal and order all your shopping and a guy will come up the stairs to your flat and give you all your shopping. It hit me when I opened my cubord that most of the food stuffs are Tesco own brand, my toaster is even from tesco. I will have to get a tesco house I think.

So all my washing is done, my washing machine again scuttling across the kitchen and beaten back with a news paper.

Kim come save me from em! :P

Another weekend shift almost over.

Anyhow same old rly, but last night the highlight of the shift was one of the engineer getting dumped quite harshley by his girlfriend. Oh and this morning I got a free coke with my petrol. wooo.

To much heat = Bad

Most of you will be loving the nice warm weather. But I for one hate it :( Its 26 degrees Celsius way way too hot to be working. I'm cooking someone save me!

A Ride on my lil pony :P

Well I stuck my sony cam into my Jacket and went for a ride around greater London, I only have a lil Honda CG 125 but I love it to bits, Once I fit the Givi rack and box along with a screen Im going to mount a 2m tank whip attenna along with my Yeasu FT-817.

Also Further

I'm am quite proud of myself actually. After being told by a mechanic that to service my motorcycle would be something like £100 + I decided to learn how to do it myself. So with the aid of the internets I found out what i needed and popped down to halfords and picked up the bits for about £30. All I had to do was change the oil, and put in a new spark plug ( I replaced the standard plug with an NGK Iridium plug), I also replaced the standard incandescent bulb with a better halogen bulb. Next will be to fit a rack and top box and also a windsheild. 

My amazing washing machine

So yea just put my gear in the wash as I do on a normal day, and continued about my day. Now when i came back the machine was almost all the way across the kitchen. I think he is trying to escape.